As the professional association of funeral providers in Washington, the WSFDA is solely focused on one primary goal - fulfilling the needs of its members. We are the largest non-profit funeral service association in Washington State and your number one source for information, resources, and Continuing Education. We understand the challenges that your businesses face and are highly committed to providing the essential tools and resources to successfully serve you, your families and your business.  We are more than just an association, we are your extended staff  who are committed to work tirelessly on your behalf.

    Our History

    The first meeting of the Association was called by the State Board of Health for the purpose of having the Funeral Directors take an examination for licensed embalmers. This meeting was held in Tacoma at which time the present Association was formed and committees were appointed to draft a constitution and by-laws. The officers elected were E. R. Butterworth of Seattle, president; Alex Turnbull of Spokane, 1st vice-president; J. F. Jerread of Everett, 2nd vice-president; H. L. Mead of Centralia, secretary; C. L. Hoska of Tacoma, treasurer. The first annual convention was held that same year (1902) in Spokane in October at which time the Constitution and By-Laws were adopted. The second convention with an examination for licensed embalmers was held in Yakima. Among those taking the exam were: C. O. Lynn, Tacoma, L. L. Bruning, Colfax, and E. S. Hennessey, Spokane. 
    Perhaps the most important step taken by the Association was at the Thirty-Third Annual Convention held in Tacoma on August 8-9, 1934, when definite plans for an Executive Office were promulgated and a Board of five Trustees elected to serve in the interest of this contemplated program of establishing a permanent business executive office. Board members elected were: John E. Brummey, chairman; Chas Fickel, secretary; Ray Lee, F. L. Christmand, and E. S. Hennessey. The chairman of this board was to be elected annually and one new member each year to serve for a five-year period. A change in the by-laws was made later so that the President of the Association was also to be the chairman of the board and is still in effect at the present time.
    L-R: Members who took the Embalmers Exams: C. O. Lynn, Tacoma; L. L. Bruning, Colfax; and Emmett Hennessey, Spokane


    WSFDA is a professional non-profit association whose goal is to sustain, encourage, and promote the funeral profession through continued education, legislation and community involvement.

    Jessica Wakefield - President
    Jamin Mohler - President Elect
    Travis Locke - Secretary
    Lisa Devereau - Immediate Past President
    Jon Gordon - NFDA Policy Board
    Mike Meyer - Funeral Partner Representative
    Mike Scharbach - Board Member
    Randy King - Board Member
    Theresa Sullivan - Board Member
    Carissa Rill - Board Member
    Rae Morse - Board Member


    Our membership is open to Funeral Homes and individual Funeral Directors; Cemeteries and individual Cemeterians; Funeral Home/Cemetery Combinations; Funeral Corporations; 

    Crematories and Crematory Operators, Funeral Service Students, Mortuary Schools; Pet Loss Providers; Suppliers, Vendors and Advocates of the funeral industry.

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    Continued education for you and your staff with our district meetings that are held bi-annually and the annual conference. Not only do these meeting provide you and your staff with the continued educational credits that you need to maintain your licenses, it also provides you with the latest up-to-date legislative news and developments within the profession as well as great networking opportunities!


    We have partnered AWB's Government Affairs team to collaborate, develop and refine the WSFDA's Legislative Objectives.



    Our Member's involvment Makes Difference


    WSFDA has rationalized districts that hold bi-annual meetings as well as an annual conference. These meetings provide you and your employees with the necessary continuing educational credits that you need to maintain your licenses. It also provides net-working opportunities, OSHA training, up-to-date information about member services and developments within the profession that can impact your business.


    Every year WSFDA offers scholarship awards to those who are enrolled in a mortuary college or planning to enroll in a mortuary college, regardless if they are physically attending or enrolled on-line. The Bill Martin Scholarship fund amounts that are given out varies depending on need and/or the number of people applying.


    Job Information & Referrals - We offer on-line job referral to our members at no charge and as a member you will soon be able to post your own job opportunities!


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    Carissa Rill - Board Member

    Peninsula District Representative