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History of WSFDA

The first meeting of the Association was called by the State Board of Health for the purpose of having the Funeral Directors take an examination for licensed embalmers. This meeting was held in Tacoma at which time the present Association was formed and committees were appointed to draft a constitution and by-laws. The officers elected were E. R. Butterworth of Seattle, president; Alex Turnbull of Spokane, 1st vice-president; J. F. Jerread of Everett, 2nd vice-president; H. L. Mead of Centralia, secretary; C. L. Hoska of Tacoma, treasurer. The first annual convention was held that same year (1902) in Spokane in October at which time the Constitution and By-Laws were adopted. The second convention with an examination for licensed embalmers was held in Yakima. Among those taking the exam were: C. O. Lynn, Tacoma, L. L. Bruning, Colfax, and E. S. Hennessey, Spokane. 
Perhaps the most important step taken by the Association was at the Thirty-Third Annual Convention held in Tacoma on August 8-9, 1934, when definite plans for an Executive Office were promulgated and a Board of five Trustees elected to serve in the interest of this contemplated program of establishing a permanent business executive office. Board members elected were: John E. Brummey, chairman; Chas Fickel, secretary; Ray Lee, F. L. Christmand, and E. S. Hennessey. The chairman of this board was to be elected annually and one new member each year to serve for a five-year period. A change in the by-laws was made later so that the President of the Association was also to be the chairman of the board and is still in effect at the present time.
L-R: Members who took the Embalmers Exams: C. O. Lynn, Tacoma; L. L. Bruning, Colfax; and Emmett Hennessey, Spokane

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